Star 276 Officers



2014 Yamaha FJR

Rod Lambert

Vice President

CamAm Spyder

Dennis Sullivan


Trudy Anderson


2013 Honda Goldwing F6B

Jack Kramer

Sgt. at Arms

Tina Gillespie


Additional Officers

USMC Sergeant – 1979-1985 Camp Pendleton, CA.

Mike Skahill

Star Vets Rep.

2001 Roadstar (slight customization)

Anthony Alves


2013 Honda Goldwing F6B

Jack Kramer

Tail Gunner

2014 Yamaha FJR

Rod Lambert

Tail Gunner

Yamaha V-Star

Mike Skahill


Yamaha V-Star

Shonda Skahill

NV State Ambassadors: Chuck & Dee Phemister
(928) 763-7097

Chapter Officer Description of Duties

Chapter President:

The chapter president is a National Officer of STAR Touring and Ridding Assoc. and will represent STAR Touring and Ridding in a professional manner. The chapter president shall assure the compliance by all chapter members with STAR chapter. Shall exercise general supervision over the members of the Chapter Board and the affairs of the chapter. Shall have the authority to make day to day decisions concerning the operation of the chapter and report those decisions to the membership. Shall maintain a working relationship with chapter sponsors and the dealers sponsors of STAR Touring and Ridding. Shall represent the chapter in involvement with other rider groups and organizations. Shall be the point of contact for all Chapter members in communicating with STAR International, i.e., National President and National Organizers.


Shall stand in for and hold the responsibilities of the President in his or hers absence. Shall work with all committee chairs to coordinate and inform the board of committee progress. Shall work with the President to obtain sponsors and in representing the Chapter and STAR Touring and Ridding.

Sergeant of Arms:

Shall be present at all meetings to keep and maintain order. The Sergeant of Arms is responsible for making sure that all ride waivers are signed prior to any ride and to enforce the charters and bylaws as they are written and is responsible for keeping the chapter banner and making sure it is hung at all meetings and events.

LOS (Ladies of the Star) Representative:

Shall work to make all women either rider or passenger, feel welcome as a member of the Chapter. Shall coordinate with the national LOS Director for support. Shall work within the Chapter to help advance the image of women in motorcycling. The LOS Representative is the publicity representative and will represent all women riders and enthusiasts to all local media and in general handle all communications pertaining to the LOS chapter membership.

Road Captain:

Shall plan the rides and be sure all rides are pre-ridden to insure safety on the route. The Road Captain is in charge of the ride and will lead all rides. All rides will not be ridden over the posted speed limit to insure the safety of all the participants in the ride. The Road Captain works closely with the Tail Gunner to help control the group formation.

Tail Gunner:

Shall ride in the back of the pack and keep an eye on the group. It is the duty of the Tail Gunner to stay with any bike that has dropped off of the ride due to mechanical or personal problems so that the group can continue. The Tail Gunner works closely with the Road Captain to help control the group formation.


Shall have a minimum of 3 years riding experience. The Shepherd shall greet all new riders into the group. It is the responsibility of the Shepherd to explain to the new people about STAR Touring and Ridding Assoc., mission statement, chapter charters, bylaws, waivers, ride rules and make them feel welcome into the group. The Shepherd will be paired up with the new people and remain with them during the first 2 rides and meetings so that they do not feel left out and can be available to answer any questions they may have about the chapter or STAR International.


Shall keep minutes of all meetings. Shall conduct a roll call of members at all meetings. Shall be sure that all members sign in on roster for all rides. Shall make sure that all members have signed a waiver for the current year. Shall make sure that al pertinent e-mails are forwarded to the membership.


Shall maintain a bookkeeping system for the funds of the Chapter. Shall make a monthly financial report to the executive board at Exec. board meetings, and to the membership at each general meetings. Shall oversee sales of Chapter merchandise, i.e., T-shirts, sunglasses, straps etc. Shall place all orders and collect all monies for items purchased from STAR Touring and Ridding International office, ie., back patches, rockers, both the large rocker or any small rocker. Shall coordinate and collect funds during all 50/50 raffles.

Tin Star:

The purpose of “Tin Star” is to allow Star Touring to identify a team of volunteers in time of need. The Tin Star readily identifies which of our members have volunteered to help when needed, and are qualified as one of the following: Physician, Nurse, Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician, Search & Rescue or other special emergency training.

Star Vet:

This designation is to honor the members that served our country. To commemorate and express the sacrifice that so many have made for this country, STAR Touring and Riding Association has established “STAR VETS” to its ever growing family. With a new “STAR VETS” logo and patch, along with a specific web board page, veterans throughout the STAR association will be able to proudly represent themselves and STAR, STAR has also developed the STAR VETS patch that will have the branch of service attached below, with the option to order hash marks with Unit, Rank, Theater and Awards. If you served in the armed services please fill out a STAR VETS application.